2021 Seminars

We're excited to offer our 2021 seminars to help you earn recertification credits.
Click on the "Details" links below to learn more about each seminar.

Classroom seminars

Seated classroom seminars have not been scheduled due to the pandemic. Return to this website later in the year to view the status of our classroom seminars.

Online seminars

  • Online seminar: The BASIC Guide for Responsible Pesticide Use

    (Extended seminar) Details

    Earn up to 6 credit hours for NC, VA, SC, MD, TN, and GA, applicators.

  • Online seminar: Calibrate for IPM

    (Short seminar) Details

    Earn up to 3 credit hours for NC, SC, MD, TN, and GA applicators.
    (Not approved for Virginia applicators.)

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